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  • Neighbourly terms...

    Not always easy to keep on neighbourly term with your...neighbour.
    Take Ada Wilson.
    Poor Ada tried her best, for appearances' sake:
    "Don't know this man! He just knocked my door and stabbed me..."
    Then her excellent neighbour, Rose Bierman, met with a journalist:
    "A married woman? She says like this...though I never saw her husband... Men? Oh yes, plenty of men come to visit her, at night... Just like this one she brang home last Tuesday night..."
    What a mood in Maidman Street, after Ada recovered and got back to her lodgings...if ever she did.

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    I am completely undecided as to whether Ada Wilson was an early victim of the Ripper. I think one minute she was and then completely change my mind. Good points are made though. Neighbours did say that she actually came home with her attacker. Maybe she did lie to save face.... It does appear her client (if that's what he was) attacked her, but whether or not he was Jack is open to debate.....
    Best regards,

    "They assumed Kelly was the last... they assumed wrong" - Me


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      Hi Uncle Jack,
      yes, she lied to save face - may be in the same way Emma Smith lied. You can find very nice thoughts from Septic Blue in the archives about the topic.
      Of course we will never be sure of anything about Ada, but personally and "intuitively", I would say she is an early victim of Jack.