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Mary Kelly and the City Missionary

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    Hello all,

    I believe I am correct in saying that Mary's mother apparently returned to Ireland, upon the death of her father. Was this not around the time of her departing from Pennington Street? I ask, not knowing with certainty..
    Looking at this objectively, could the reason for Mary's father trying to find her be the fact that he was trying to trace her to inform her of this news?
    Although Mary did not wish to see him, she would not have known his reasons for wanting to get into contact with her?
    This is a guess, but may be an answer?

    best wishes

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      Hello you all!

      Yes, Phil; your presumption is quite possible...

      And Chava; once again, it's quite possible, that MJK had a bad eye-sight. This could explain the following contradiction; people knowing MJk to some degree have said, that she seemed to be pretty well-educated and still she had the newspapers read to her by Barnett.

      On the other hand, some people on these boards have said, that it was a common practise at the time, that the man in the house was reading the newspapers out loud.

      All the best
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