The PC (Henry Morton) who was supposed to have Dorset his beat was not in the Kelly inquest.
His testimony could have added/helped even if he said I did not see anyone in the street as he passed it,if a 30 min beat,
2x between 2 and 3 AM.

Here are examples of a couple of testimonies included in the Eddowes inquest. which did not really add a lot but helped.

Day 1, Thursday, October 4, 1888
(The Daily Telegraph, Friday, October 5, 1888, Page 3)

Constable Richard Pearce, 922 City: I reside at No. 3, Mitre-square. There are only two private houses in the square. I retired to rest at twenty minutes past twelve on the morning of last Sunday week.
[Coroner] Did you hear any noise in the square? - None at all. When did you first hear of the murder? - At twenty past two, when I was called by a constable.
[Coroner] From your bedroom window could you see the spot where the murder was committed? - Yes, quite plainly.
By Mr. Crawford: My wife and family were in no way disturbed during the night.

George Clapp, caretaker at No. 5, Mitre-street, deposed: The back part of the house looks into Mitre-square. On the night of Saturday week last I retired to rest in the back room on the second floor about eleven o'clock.
The Coroner: During the night did you hear any disturbance in the square? - No.
[Coroner] When did you first learn that a murder had been perpetrated? - Between five and six o'clock in the morning.
By Mr. Crawford: A nurse, who was in attendance upon my wife, was sleeping at the top of the house. No person slept either on the
ground floor or the first floor.

Although different coroners Mr. S. F. Langham - City and Dr. Macdonald, M.P.- Met, my contention is the PC did not perform passes through Dorset St.,Friday the 9th, between 1-5 AM at least.