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    Ok it's been discussed, and I'll use Mary Kelly's grave as an example here, that her grave was reused, or used after and before she was placed. What exactly does this mean and can someone just bluntly give me an example. For instance, assume we know exactly the spot she's buried in, i kow we don't but humor me, if i started digging are we talking that there'd be one mass grave of bodies piled on top of each other....or are we talking dig dig...couple bodies...dig dig...a few more...etc. I ask because I still think, however remote, the bodies may yield answers; however small. Yeah I know, permission and all that isn't likely, but I'm simply saying if it were to happen today's technology may uncover something.
    Any thoughts or ideas? And yes explain please how did burial work back then when you did not have the money for a private service and all that?