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    Can we now assume that Harriet Buswell was Fairy Fay? She is on the list of unsolved murders published in the Star on 10th Sept. 1888 and has also been put forward as an early victim of JTR. Unlikely, I think, if his age was generally given as around 30 in 1888, he would have been 15 or 16 in 1872 and this murder does seem to be a one-off. Also she was said to have been accompanied by "a man".

    She was found on Christmas morning in 1872 with her throat cut and when referring to "the girl who was killed at Christmas", no year was given as far as I can see.

    I have looked at reviews for the Alhambra Theatre around 1872, where she was said to work as a ballet girl, and have not found her name mentioned, but it is conceivable that she used "Fairy Fay" as a stage name and the less important members of the cast were, perhaps, unlikely to be mentioned in reviews.

    To people at the time - especially those reading the Star - she would have been known as the girl killed at Christmas without the need to name the year.

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    Fairy Fay 2

    Strangely enough Harriet`s murderer was described as swarthy and with a blotchy face - ring any bells?