I have sttled on my next project. This is an undertaking to estblish clarity on the various victim groupings, particularky with an eye to the observable criteria for each group.As far as I can discern there are three victim pools to be mindful of. There is considerable overlap in groups, but three distict sets of boundary conditions for each group.

The Macro list is all victims either linked in the contemporary press or linked to a suspect by later reseachers. This list is the one found here.


The next group is the WMF list of victims. This is the list in the Whitechapel Murder File and can be found here.


The last group is our favorite historically speaking, the Macnaghten List. This list is differentiated on the first link in this post and it is a linear subset of the WMF.

Here is what I have come with. Questions are welcome.Dave
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