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  • Victim Photographs

    Hi all

    I was just reading through the Catherine Eddowes 'more photographs' thread and the thought occured to me - I dont think i had seen the middle photograph before.

    The question then occurs - what existing photographs do we have of the victims?

    OK, i know there are some debates regarding the identification of some of the individuals portrayed, and indeed, who are the 'victims', but assuming the canonical 5 for a moment, and considering only the accepted photographs, what do we have?

    Perhaps more importantly, what are the best resolution images we have (even some of the images in the photo archive are not very good)? I understand there are issues re: copyright, etc. but it would be great to see good quality images available for all.

    So, 2 things to consider
    1) What images do we have for each of the canonicals
    2) What are best resolution scans we have (and location of originals)