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Double Event anniversary

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  • Double Event anniversary

    I don't see where anyone else has mentioned it, sorry if I've missed it, but though it is mid-morning of Sept. 30 in England as I write this, it is still night time where I am so allow me to mark the 122nd anniversary of the Double Event. At this time, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddowes lay freshly dead, scores of police filled the streets, and someone was hiding in dark alleys with a bloody apron and human organs in his pockets. It is a somber night, one to spend in quiet contemplation.

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    Indeed it is, well spotted Kensie.
    R.I.P. to both Liz and Catherine, they will always be remembered.



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      R.I.P. ladies.

      Thanks, Kensei.

      Yours truly,

      Tom Wescott


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        Rest in peace Liz and Kate.

        Ditto Tom's and Adam's posts.
        Washington Irving:

        "To a homeless man, who has no spot on this wide world which he can truly call his own, there is a momentary feeling of something like independence and territorial consequence, when, after a weary day's travel, he kicks off his boots, thrusts his feet into slippers, and stretches himself before an inn fire. Let the world without go as it may; let kingdoms rise and fall, so long as he has the wherewithal to pay his bills, he is, for the time being, the very monarch of all he surveys. The arm chair in his throne; the poker his sceptre, and the little parlour of some twelve feet square, his undisputed empire. "