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  • Princess Alice 1878 - Passenger Lists

    The Princess List
    Passenger lists
    The Times
    5 September 1878

    As of 5 September a makeshift mortuary had been established at Woolwich Town Hall, in which were placed 28 corpses, 10 of which were female. Those named as identified at the time of the article were:
    William Elliott of Clapham
    William King of East Greenwich

    "Persons who are missing and supposed drowned"
    Robert Wilkins aged 54
    Maria Wilkins aged 27 Westminster
    Mr F W Wyatt aged 45
    Wife of above Dalston
    Mrs White aged 48 Brixton
    Ann White aged 28 Belgravia
    Martha Russell aged 25
    Mrs Leech and 3 children Hoddesdon, Herts
    Mary Drew Furneaux aged 60 Kennington Park Road
    Emily Furneaux aged 21
    Mr Gyde aged 28 Camberwell
    Charles Jardine New Cross
    James Rouse aged 41 New North Road
    Alice Mansfield Commercial Road
    Jane Mansfield aged 22
    Sarah Ann Holmes Baker's Row
    Sarah Green aged 21 Lambeth
    William Welby aged 18 Deptford
    Miss Ward aged 19 Kentish Town
    Louisa Ward aged 39 Kentish Town
    Mary Ann Bell
    George Garrett aged 46 Regent's Park
    Herbert Cecil Russell aged 18 Stockwell Park Road
    Thomas Fuller Jewin Street
    Male Fuller child aged 6
    Mr Saury aged 40 Bexley Heath
    Nelly Saury aged 11
    Male Saury child aged 17
    Male Saury child aged 8
    Norman Berkeley Barnes aged 69 Grosvenor Square
    Mr Hughes aged 60 Finchley
    Mrs Hughes aged 25
    Mrs Bird aged 40 Tottenham Court Road
    Philip Buzman aged 30
    Edward King aged 64 Greenwich
    Alfred King aged 19
    Mrs Fanny King aged 29 Lambeth
    Edward King aged 6 months
    Mr Robert Everist aged 38 Essex
    Mrs Everist aged 32
    Robert Everist aged 10
    John Everist aged 8
    Willie Everist aged 4
    Everist baby aged 15 months
    Mr Greenfield aged 28 Thorburn Square
    Mr Lambert aged 30 Kennington Park
    Mrs Lambert aged 28
    Katie Lambert aged 6
    Mrs Brady
    Miss Brady
    Mt William Beridger aged 40 Wandsworth
    William Bridger aged 6
    Sergeant Burton Royal Artillery, Sheerness
    Mrs Burton
    Mrs Pearson aged 22 Camberwell
    Miss Marson aged 56 Clapham
    Mrs Elizabeth Freeman aged 62, stewardess, Borough
    Emily Weightman aged 14 Thorburn Square
    Harriet Pavey aged 20 Peckham
    Arnold Lachaud aged 23 Peckham
    Mrs Gullifer aged 54 West Smithfield
    Jane Law aged 48 Charterhouse Street
    Maria Bandy aged 40 Lavender Hill
    Mr & Mrs Hoskins and 3 children Balham
    Susan Dawes aged 55 Euston Square
    George Pickrell aged 32 Kennington Park
    James Jenkins aged 29 Windmill Street
    Elizabeth Bobkins aged 72 Clerkenwell
    Henry Hawkins aged 55 Greenwich
    Mrs T Lee aged 28 Kilburn
    Mr William Potter aged 3 Poplar
    Lewis Mead Crocker aged 27 Bromley by Bow
    Mrs Crocker, wife of above
    Mrs Crocker aged 64 mother of above
    Mr Wickens
    Mrs Wickens
    Ethel Durant

    "The following bodies have been recognised:-"
    William King East Greenwich
    Mary Ann Coombes Greenwich
    No 20, publican of Kennington
    Anna Muncey Blackfriars Road
    Elizabeth Teesdale Westminster
    Thomas Wheeler Hill aged 22 Hampstead
    Mr William Elliott
    Mr Henry White aged 46 Kennington Park Road
    Mr Charles Wood Denham aged 50 Charlestown Street
    Samuel Lowry Highbury Place
    Ada Catlin aged 3
    Thomas Catlin aged 3 months South Woolwich
    Maria Loder Robert Street
    Eliza Rich Clerkenwell
    Ellen Williamall Blackfriars
    Mrs Hayes Smithfield
    Martha Sims aged 60 Lambeth
    Ann Haden aged 70 Hackney
    Ann Bing of Charlton
    William Harrison aged 24 Holloway
    Mary Ann George aged 38 Barbican
    William Beechey aged 40 Throckmorton Street
    Martha Ellen Drew aged 2 Tottenham
    F J Pollard
    Zillah Waddilove aged 50
    W F Mountain aged 23
    Mr Freeman, steward, Borough

    List of persons saved (as issued by the Steamboat Company):-
    W Nines
    Eliza Spurgeon
    Mr E Wilson
    Miss Fairley
    Mary Brent
    Ruth Drew
    George Webb
    William Stephens
    Henry J King
    John Lesley
    Miss Kemp
    Adolphus Gulman
    Mrs Emma Webb
    Mrs Dee and child
    H White
    E S and Mrs Hardy
    Charles Masters
    H A Walle
    Edward Leave
    Jane Greene
    Mr B Smith
    Emma Eatwell
    Sarah Smith
    Emma Standish
    Emma Childs and child
    Jane Sophie Charrott
    Unknown boy
    Caroline Gray
    Charles H wale
    Mrs Morrison
    Mrs Davis
    Mr Huddart
    Mrs Minne
    Mrs H Trotman
    Mr King
    Mr J Leach
    Mr and Emma J Jingle
    Mr G Brown
    Mrs Spooner
    Unconscious young woman
    Mrs Elliott
    James Lynn
    C R West
    Son in law of Mr Dodman
    Mr Nunns
    Agnes Land
    F Love
    Thomas and Mary Piper
    Charlotte Hinton
    Miss Haggard
    Mrs Huddart
    Mrs Confield
    R R Ashworth

    Others listed as saved:
    Mrs Fison
    Mr Tatnell
    Mr and Mrs henry Reed
    Miss Evelyn Wickens
    George Everist
    Edward Newman
    Rev J C Gill
    Miss Emma Murphy
    Miss Caroline Kempe
    Miss Kempe
    A boy, insensible
    Mr Loder
    Mrs Morrison
    Mrs Davis
    Mr Huddart
    Mrs Winn
    Boy named Bell
    Thomas Saywell
    Mr King
    Mr Hagger
    Mr George Brown
    Mrs Gollifer
    Young girl named Haste

    The cook's mate from the ship
    Elderly man from the crew
    Agnes Lane
    Elizabeth Jessup
    Daniel Milsom
    George May
    Mr Vernon Hammond

    The following also listed as missing:
    Edmund Milsom aged 65 Hammersmith
    Sarah Milsom
    Florence Milsom
    Sidney Milsom
    Miss Kidston aged 17
    Louisa Kidston aged 13
    William Kidsont aged 4 and half
    Mrs Walburton of Dalston
    Rosa Copping of Dalston
    Mrs C A Dyble of Fleet Street
    John Warren Hawkes and wife
    Captain Grinstead
    Frederick T Whomes

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    From The Times of 6 September 1878

    Further details:
    Mrs Emma Standish aged 31 Lambeth - rescued but died of bronchitis
    Two boys rescued:
    Edward Newman, unclaimed
    Freddy Lambard aged 5

    Confirmed dead:
    Mrs Emily Towse aged 32
    Winifred Towse aged 3
    Bernard Wrench Towse aged 14 months
    Eliza Hooper, mother of Mrs Towse
    Frederick W B Towse aged 12
    Edgar S Towse aged 10
    The above were the family of Mr Towse, Superintendent of the Steamboat Company
    Also confirmed missing:
    Mrs Bing
    Mary Barker
    Ellen Wearing

    Confirmed dead:
    Fanny May aged 42 Lambeth
    Emma Vivash of Smithfield
    Emma Potter aged 42 Walworth

    Confirmed missing:
    William Potter aged 33 Poplar
    caroline Dyble aged 43 Fleet Street
    Alice Hammond aged 20 Canning Town
    Walter Howard or Howlett aged 28
    Bessie Howard or Howlett of Bromley by Bow
    Florence Piper aged 4 Hackney Road
    Disney Peron aged 51 Mile End
    John Nuttman aged 50
    Kate Nuttman aged 20 Islington
    Hnery John Cockran aged 15 Kentish Town
    Rosina Ellen Warburton aged 24 Dalson Lane
    Maria Grace Copping aged 18
    Walter Brodrib aged 11 Kentish New Town
    Frank Ackroyd aged 29 Portman Square
    Philip Burman aged 32
    Charlotte Burman aged 29
    Alfred Burman aged 4
    William Burman aged 2
    James Westall aged 21 Woolwich
    Jane Ferguson aged 33 Plumstead
    Annie Summers aged 30 New Cross
    Mrs Beaver aged 64 Oxford Street
    Mrs Usherwood aged 50
    Harriet Usherwood aged 6
    Mr Hill aged 35 Oxford Street
    George Gained aged 44
    James Jenkins aged 29 Tottenham Court Road
    Frederick Hollingworth of Belgravia
    Alice Mary Smail aged 22 Pimlico
    Mrs T Collis aged 27
    Willie Collis aged 18 months Plumstead
    Mrs C Constable aged 44 Plumstead
    Francis Smith aged 22
    Florence Francis Smith aged 7 weeks Regent's Park
    Emma Stoneman aged 66 Farringdon Road
    Ann White aged 28 Brixton Hill
    Minnie Bishopp aged 26 Pimlico
    Henry Hawkins aged 52 East Greenwich
    Emily Riddout aged 26 Fitzroy Square
    Thomas Lamborn aged 28 Bryanston Square
    Elizabeth Mary Bardens aged 63 Golden Square
    Harry Alfred Moore aged 12
    Walter Moore aged 11 Roman Road
    Amy Lee aged 18 Clapham
    Sarah Rouse aged 33
    Mr Frederick Watson aged 19 Woolwich
    William Childs aged 30 Clapham
    Christiana Smith aged 70 Farringson Road
    Arnold Larchin aged 25
    Harriet Larchin aged 20
    Ruth Drew aged 4 Tottenham
    Eliza Wayman aged 28
    Russell Wayman aged 16
    Ellen Grimsey aged 25 South Norwood
    Elizabeth Wayman aged 14 Caledonian Road
    Elizabeth Newman aged 30 Poplar
    Charles Warsefield aged 50
    Charlotte Warsefield of New Cross
    Emily Turner or Hopper aged 18
    Tom Fuller aged 4 and half Aldersgate Street
    Caroline Lewis aged 23 Woolwich
    Mr J Irony aged 60 Camberwell
    Mrs Irony aged 50
    Edward Hogwood aged 74 St Lukes
    Alice Wallis aged 40
    Mrs Roberts aged 25 Roman Road
    Arthur Major Harrison aged 20 Finsbury Square
    William Leonard Bridgman aged 30
    Lucy Bridgman aged 23
    William Lambert aged 40
    Child of above aged 6
    Alfred William Sabine aged 27 Newington
    Grace Summers aged 19 Plamstead
    Louis Alex Mouflet aged 42 Lordship Park
    Nancy Mouflet aged 33
    Master Alex Mouflet aged 7
    Annie Mouflet aged 5
    Phillis Sarah Flatman aged 29 Stoke Newington
    Alfred William Alesbury aged 32 Hackney
    Elizabeth Alesbury aged 31
    Jessie Alesbury aged 9
    Lousia Alesbury aged 5
    Jabez Alesbury aged 2
    Edith Alesbury aged 5 months
    Eliza Jane Alesbury aged 58
    Jane Green aged 17
    Frances Smith aged 22
    Florence Francis Smith aged 7 weeks
    William Stubbings aged 41
    Annie Stubbings aged 39 Brixton Hill
    Elizabeth Room aged 44 Birmingham
    Walter Bishop aged 38 Queen's Gate
    Mary Bishop aged 36
    Mary Bowman aged 28 Cowcross Street
    John Bowman aged 60
    Christopher John Denham aged 28 Hornsey
    Jane Wallace aged 35
    Josephine Chabet
    Harold Percy aged 9
    Joseph Greenwood aged 30 Putney
    George Harold Greenwood aged 6
    Amelia Croft of Woolwich
    Mrs Vanderbilt of Woolwich
    Mrs Skelton of Ratcliff
    Miss Belton of Ratcliff
    Mrs Eliza Hooper of Charlton
    Mrs Sutton of Stepney
    Annie Rowley aged 14 Plumstead
    W Rowley aged 12 Plumstead
    Mrs Forsdyke of Walworth
    Edmund Forsdyke
    Sidney Forsdyke
    Eliza Forsdyke
    Mrs Marshall of Hanover Square
    Mr Boncey, steward of Princess Alice


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      Thank you Chris. From the Ingoldsby Letters, an account of the funeral of the Lambert family -

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      Sink the Bismark


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        I know this thread is old but I just found out how one of my GG Grandfathers died, I knew he died on or about 5 Sept '78, in London but not how.
        G U T

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          This is another list but with additional details.

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