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bits of Kate"s last images round The City

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  • bits of Kate"s last images round The City

    Some pictures of the area that Kate was in on the day of her murder.

    1] Mitre Street coming from Aldgate-Mitre square is on right

    2] Church passage-The spot where Lawende saw man and woman standing talking-it looks out at St Botolphs Aldgate
    3]Aldgate,a small section of highway between Houndsditch and the junction of Leadenhall St And Fenchurch St.Mitre St starts at corner
    4]St Botolphs Aldgate taken from Houndsditch which was where Kate appeared to be heading for when she left Bishopsgate Police Station.
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    St Botolphs, Bishopsgate.The church would have been on Kate"s right as she headed towards Houndsditch on leaving the Bishopsgate Police station.She may have looked at its clock at 1.00 or soon after to check on the time again.It stands at the top of Houndsditch but is on Bishopsgate itself,in the City of London----as is the last Church Kate saw,St Botolphs Aldgate, that stands at the other, bottom end of Houndsditch,on Aldgate /Aldgate High St junction.
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      The crime scene spot as it is today.From Church Passage Kate would have walked directly over to it.On the other hand she may have gone in via the opening from Mitre Street,the crime scene is very close to that opening.
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        Nice pics.

        Incidently, the first one of Mitre Street, were you ar standing to take that photo. Well that would be almost the spot where the entrance of No 5 stood, on the right there.

        And in that building (as of 1888), on the second floor, slept Mr & Mrs Clapp during Kates murder.

        Another piece of useless Monty information.


        Author of Capturing Jack the Ripper.


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          That is quite incredible Monty---I mean everything is so close to somehow.It seems not possible they didnt hear or see a thing when the murder happened right under their window.Thats where I was standing but I didnt realise it was close to Mr and Mrs Clapp"s house.
          Thanks Monty for that information.


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            Looking at those images above has me asking myself the question

            "where was Catherine Eddowes actually picked up by her killer"

            Where was the place of contact? We know that she was kicked out of Bishopgate police station that morning and was found somewaht south of that location, what happened in between?

            The point of contact does have some consequence in trying to understand what happened that morning.

            Lawende observed Eddowes talking to a man at the entrance to Church passage, they were both stationary at this time. Was this the location that Eddowes picked up her killer, in effect was she soliciting in Duke street at the entrance to Church Passage to be more precise?

            I doubt this, I can't see Eddowes being very successfull in that location at that time of the morning. So where did she pick up her killer? I would favour the broader avenue of Aldgate, somewhere along Aldgate, where the chance of a client would be more favourable.

            If this be the case and Eddowes and her client travelled from Aldgate to Mitre Square why did they stop at the entrance to Church Passage in Duke Street and hold a conversation? Did Eddowes become suspicious of her client?

            Lawende noticed that she had her hand on the mans breast, instead of this being a sign of affection was it a sign of apprehension? Was the man familar to Eddowes and seemed Ok at first, but as Church Passge loomed up did she became a little uneasy and halt their advances only to talk a while? Whatever happened Eddowes eventually walked down Church Passage to her death.

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