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  • Originally posted by c.d. View Post
    The idea of Kate attempting to blackmail the Ripper seems quite far fetched to me. Even if we assume that she actually knew who the Ripper was (and that is a huge assumption) ask yourself this question. How does a person being blackmailed get rid of the blackmailer? Well they can pay them off assuming they have the funds or they can kill the person blackmailing them thus putting an end to it. So unless Kate had absolutely major league cojones it must have occurred to her that attempting to blackmail someone who would have no qualms about killing the blackmailer was probably not the best course of action. And would she have gone alone to meet Jack the night she was killed if blackmail was her intention? Again, not such a good idea. So why not take her husband or a friend or two for support? This doesn't seem to have happened.

    I think the whole blackmailing scenario makes for interesting speculation but that is about it.

    I agree c.d.

    Plus the fact that Eddowes had only just returned from hop picking in Kent, which is why I think she may have been less on her guard than other women who had been stuck in the middle of the killer's playground for the entire summer.

    I very much doubt she ever made that claim to know who the killer was. At most she may have imagined she could look after herself if she encountered him - a tragic mistake.



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