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My Baltimore presentation on Tumblety

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  • My Baltimore presentation on Tumblety

    I had the privilege of being one of the speakers at the Baltimore Conference last week and covered historical and criminal evidence issues related to Francis Tumblety.

    I shared my thoughts on many historical and criminal evidence issues related to Francis Tumblety as a Ripper suspect.

    The purpose of my presentation was not aimed at dismissing him as a suspect but to point out the weaknesses in the interpretation of certain aspects pertaining to his life used as evidence. I prepared and offered a paper to those attending the conference.

    These are the elements contained in my paper:

    What was said of Tumblety
    Tumblety and the Whitechapel murders.
    The Indian Herb Doctor and Prince of quacks
    Tumblety's knives
    Tumblety's anatomical knowledge
    Narcissistic personality disorder, psychopath or sociopath?
    Tumblety's private collection of uterus specimens
    Tumblety the women hater
    Tumblety, Littlechild's suspect
    Tumblety, a man too old to be a serial killer.
    Tumblety, the man too tall for not having been noticed and caught
    Homosexual serial killers only kill males
    Tumblety, Scotland Yard's choice?

    What Tumblety said of himself.

    What can we conclude about Francis Tumblety?
    Means, motives and opportunity
    Circumstantial evidence
    Character evidence
    Given the time speakers usually have in these conferences (45 minutes + Q&A), I had to skip some elements less important. Here's the link to my paper for those interested in having a look at it.

    I did not aim at dismissing Tumblety or promote him as a suspect but shared my thoughts on certain weaknesses in the way we interpret primary sources using Tumblety's case as an example. IMHO, he certainly not the worst case. For those interested in seeing what I covered, follow this link.

    Hercule Poirot
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    Peer review

    In my presentation conclusion in Baltimore, i mentioned that one way to avoid misinterpretation would be a form of peer review which would be quite challenge.


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      Thank you hercule Iíll be very keen to get the chance to read it
      G U T

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