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    I had a look today at the ‘In and Out Patients’ Book for the London Hospital for 1888. So I could have a look at the entry for Stephenson myself and also to see if I can find this ‘Dr. Evans’ that was mentioned in Stephenson statement to Inspector Roots on the 26 December 1888, since, as far as I am aware nobody has tried to trace and a post I placed on another thread went unanswered.
    The In and Out Patients book is reference number LH/M/1/16
    The book is in four sections:

    Each section starts from page 1

    The details for Stephenson are:

    Page 39

    Date. 26 July 1888
    General No. 1146
    Without Tickets No. 5
    With Tickets No. [Blank]
    Patient’s Name. Roslyn Stephenson
    Residence. Cricketers Inn, Black Lion St., Brighton
    Age and Civil State. 47, M
    Occupation. Journalist
    By whom recommended. [Blank]
    Ward. [See below]
    Case. neurasthenia
    Physician. Dr. Sutton
    Time of Discharge. Dec: 7. 1888
    On discharge his condition was noted as ‘Relieved’

    I left the ward out as it needs explaining, the patient above Stephenson was in Currie Ward. In Stephenson column was a ditto mark and this was crossed out in red ink and replaced in red ink with Davis. I queried this with the archivist he told me there were two possibilities:
    1, Clerical error.
    2, Stephenson changed wards.
    The archivist thought the likeliest was that he changed wards.

    I checked from May to December for a Dr. Evans in both Physician and Surgeons Patient sections. There was only one likely one I found at that was Morgan Evans a Surgeon. His details are:

    Page 55

    Date. 26 October 1888
    General No. 1639
    Without Tickets No. 7
    With Tickets No. [Blank]
    Patient’s Name. Morgan Evans
    Residence. 89. Turner Street, Whitechapel
    Age and Civil State. 27, S
    Occupation. Surgeon
    By whom recommended. [Blank]
    Ward. Davis [ditto mark]
    Case Pyrexia
    Physician. Dr. Jackson
    Time of Discharge. Jan: 28. 1889
    On discharge his condition was noted as ‘Cured’

    Pyrexia was a generic medical term for a high temperature and fever which was also a symptom of typhoid.

    In my opinion Stephenson entered the London Hospital on the 26 July 1888 and was admitted to Currie Ward. At some point after 16 October 1888 (date of letter to the City Police) he was transferred to Davis Ward.


    And here's the London Hospital from the May 1899 Goads Map

    Click image for larger version

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    Hi Rob,

    Maybe it was a good thing that nobody noticed your earlier request for Dr Evans because it seems to me you have found him. The London Hospital did house patients with cases of 'typhoid fever' but was not a typhoid specific facility which of course is highly contageous.

    There is one small problem however in that this Dr Morgan Evans, note D'Onston's suspicions to Inspector Roots of 'Dr Morgan Davies', was in the register you have displayed staying at Davis ward with Dr Jackson attending him. The London Hospital assigned the same doctors to specific wards on a rotating basis so it would be expected in a way that the same doctor would be treating patients on the same ward but this isn't the case here. D'Onston's doctor on Davis ward was Dr Sutton.

    I guess it would be because:

    - The doctor was on a different rotation shift
    - Dr Sutton had fewer cases with support as he was also a specialist
    - This is not the same Dr Evans D'Onston was referring to

    I think it would be a combination of the first two because Dr Sutton at the time was also assigned, apart from his pathological work, to the treatment of nursing staff.

    Once again thank you so much for doing this and putting it here. That map is great.

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      Thanks Spiro,

      On Stephenson's page, Dr. Sutton is also mentioned on Buxton and Currie Wards. Jackson is also mentioned on Carr Ward so there's no doubt the Doctors worked on different wards.
      I can't claim that is definitely the Dr. Evans as I could have missed another Dr. Evans from May to December also he could have been admitted before May, but the chances of another Dr. Evans in Davis Ward at that time of year is highly (although not impossible) unlikely so I am convinced that Morgan Evans is the right one.



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        Absolutely Rob,

        You have found the strongest candidate in Morgan Evans for the doctor mentioned by D'Onston in his 26 December 1888 statement to Scotland Yard.

        It may not have been realised, but Dr Sutton mentioned on 'Stephenson's page' as also working Currie ward/s, is a piece of supporting evidence I've been looking for for some time. It confirms the London Hospital's archivist's position that on Stephenson's 1888 register, the deletion of Currie ward for Davis ward is in fact a ward transfer and not a clerical error as was supposed.

        D'Onston's 16 October 1888 letter to the City Police is of course central to the fact that determines which ward he was supervised under during the murders.

        Jack the Ripper Writers -- An online community of crime writers and historians.

        "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed, second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-evident." - Arthur Schopenhauer


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          very interesting find
          I have been unable to trace any entry for a Dr Morgan Evans from his age and profession. However I have traced th census entry for the address he gave in the 1881 census - 89 Turner Street. The family is named Jackson of whom the head is a dairyman - however they do have a 21 year old boarder who is listed as a medical student. This boarder was born in St Johns, Newfoundland. The name is very difficult to decipher: the list gives his surname as a ditto mark, which means it should be Jackson aas the family above. My best guess at this stage at his name would be Francis M Jackson but this is by no means certain. If this is the case the listing would be
          89 Turner Street, Whitechapel
          (Whitechapel Church District 2)
          Head: John W Jackson aged 45 born Kings Lynn - Dairyman
          Wife: Emily Jackson aged 41 born Christ Church, Surrey
          Annie R aged 19 born Southwark
          Francis M? Jackson aged 21 born St Johns, Newfoundland - Medical student

          I am attaching the entry in the hope someone can make a better reading of this and an enlargement of the student's name.
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            89 Turner Street, Whitechapel
            Head: Emily Jackson (Widow) aged 51 born Christ Church, Surrey - General shop
            Daughter: Annie Jackson aged 29 born Southwark - dressmaker


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              In 1871 Jackson kept a pub as follows:
              Gunmakers' Arms, Mile End
              Head: John W Jackson aged 35 born Kings Lynn, Norfolk - Publican
              Wife: Emily J Jackson aged 31 born Pimlico
              Daughter: Anne R Jackson aged 9 born Borough
              Sisiter in Law: Eliza Valentine aged 18 born Pimlico - Barmaid
              Servant: Frank Jackson aged 14 born Eddington, Oxfordshire - Potman


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                Hi Chris,

                Me and Debs had quite a bit of trouble tracking down Morgan Evans as well. Debs found a likely suspect at 362 Commercial Road

                Head: Morgan Evans age 34 Dairy Milk, Born Lampter, Wales

                Wife: Margaret Evans age 32, born Lledrod,Wales

                Son: John Evans age 1, born Stepney, Middlesex

                Sister: Catherine Williams age 21, born Lledrod, Wales

                Servant: Mary Evans age 26 Dairy Assistant, born Lampeter Wales

                Visitor: Mary Morgan age 21, born Rhydypenan Abbysturth, Wales

                Servant: George Curry age 21, Milkman, born Shields, Nottinghamshire

                Servant: Wm Griffiths age 25, Milkman, born Aberystwith

                This Morgan Evans is about 3 to 4 years to old and it could be coincidental that he's a dairyman. He ran a business from 362 and 321 Commercial Road according to the 1895 and 1899 directories.



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                  That was before I knew he was a surgeon though Rob, the dairy link with Dr Morgan Davies' father was at the back of my mind on that one.

                  There isn't a Dr Morgan Evans in the 1913 medical directory. The only place I've seen a Dr Morgan Evans mentioned was to do with the history of an old house in Wales, built by a Dr Morgan-Evans as a house and surgery in 1903, even then I think the name is a double barrelled surname as it appears with a hyphen.
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                    Who's this Dr. Morgan Evans? Dr. Evans' first name was likely not Morgan. Dr. Morgan Davies' personal archives mention correspondence with a Mr. Evans, though.

                    Yours truly,

                    Tom Wescott


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                      There was a Morgan Evans, Surgeon in the London Hospital reconds Tom. This is the only Evans I found who could be the Dr. Evans mentioned in Stephensons statement.

                      Thanks Debs.



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                        Thanks for the clarification, Rob. The 'Morgan' thing was throwing me off. You're a gentleman and a scholar.

                        Yours truly,

                        Tom Wescott


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                          Hi Rob and dens
                          I saw the dairyman you mentioned but apart from the age difference I think this is unlikely that in 3 years he would have gone from a surgeon to a dairyman
                          I will keep looking!


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                            Hi Chris, yeah, I mentioned him to Rob before I knew that the Morgan Evans he had found was a surgeon. I was interested in the Morgan Davies Evans chemist in the West end too before Rob sent me the full details of age and occupation.
                            BTW re the medical student lodger at Turner St, there are 2 Francis Jackson's in the 1913 medical register, one Francis Seymour and one Francis william, I see Francis as well.
                            ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸, Debs ,¸¸,ø¤º°`°º¤ø,¸¸,

                            I am not DJA. He's called Dave.


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                              The London Hospital entry showed Morgan Evans aged 27, so he would have been born in 1861 or thereabouts. Going back to the previous census (when Evans would presumably still be in training) I could find no man of this name in the England census of appropriate age who had a medical connection.
                              However, his name suggests strongly a Welsh origin so I searched the 1881 Welsh census for a Morgan Evans born 1861 (+ or - 1 year) and there were 9 results. 8 of these were manual labourers (blacksmith, colliers etc.) but the one below caught my eye:

                              Faldy, Llandegley, Radnorshire
                              Head: John Samuel M Evans aged 62 born Tregaron - Surgeon and farmer of 75 acres
                              Wife: Caroline Evans aged 58 born Llanfihangel
                              Children: Elizabeth C Jackson (Married) aged 29
                              Richard T Evans aged 23 - Farmer's son
                              John Morgan Evans aged 19 - Medical Student
                              Hannah Ellen Evans aged 17
                              All born in Llanfihangel
                              John Martin M Evans aged 7 born Llandegley
                              Blanche E Jackson aged 2 born Liverpool

                              The fact that the married daughter's name is Jackson, the same as the family at 89 Turner Street where Morgan Evans lodged, may be significant.