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Cremers Killed the Ripper.....

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  • Cremers Killed the Ripper.....

    In the Unexplained: Mysteries of Mind, Space and Time, Volume 11, Issue 132, Page 2640, 1983/84, Francis King, in his article At Home With the Ripper, states:

    The late Gerard Heym always affirmed that "Cremers killed the Ripper" - and that she did so by the use of magic.

    Any ideas were this quote came from?
    Regards Mike

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    Hi Mike -

    I've no idea, but Heym appears to be an interesting chap, and, to borrow someone else's phrase, very likely the kind of fellow who, when he comes into the public bar, you take one look at and then move swiftly through to the saloon.

    No doubt you've googled him already, but I think it's likely that he is identical with this chap, referenced in the catalogue of the National Archives:

    KV 2/1923: Gerhard HEYM: German/American. Suspected of espionage, partly through his indirect connection with Werner OSTERWALD who claimed to be a Gestapo agent, suspicions which were not confirmed.




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      Excuse me MWR...

      Its Gerard Heym, not Gerhard Heym.

      The Heym Mike asked about is French, not German.


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        Hi Howard,

        Perfectly sensible objections, but I did find this:

        Click here

        It's an article by Gerhard Heym. Obviously I haven't actually read it, but it appears to be the correct vintage and discusses "magic" in the intro. Could be a different fellow, I suppose.

        There is also this link [click here], in which Gerhard Heym is mentioned writing for Ambix, a publication for which Gerard Heym (sans h) wrote at least four articles in the late thirties, if this list [click here] is reliable.

        I don't have any particular investment in this, and you and Mike know a lot better than me, but, from what I can discern from my living room, I'd say it's possible that old Heym might have had a couple of different ways of spelling his first name.

        I might also be all wrong. If so, apologies all round.




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          Dear Mark:

          No need to apologize,pardner.. but thanks just the same . This sort of confusion is par for the course when it comes to much of that area of Case research.

          Watch, Mark....someone will discover that his first name was really Geraldo.


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            Cheers Mark, much appreciated.
            Regards Mike