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Patricia Cornwell: Meet Jack the Ripper

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    Walter Sickert is low on my list of ripper suspects.

    But, as I don't think the case is solvable based on the information we currently possess, I've become somewhat more interested in the ripper's influence on the English speaking world lately. In this, I find Sickert to perhaps be a fascinating part of the story. She does seem to demonstrate that Sickert wrote some ripper letters, (but does little to prove the ripper wrote said letters other than statements of opinion in a field in which she has presumably no expertise; the "From Hell" letter is not tied so explicitly to Sickert). She references the Sickert as associated with the story of the Lodger and the source of the Royal conspiracy. Whether or not Sickert actually inspired the lodger story is not necessarily important, what seems interesting is the way he seems to have inserted himself into that narrative and his own musings on the case seem to show us something of the way enthusiasm for the ripper expressed itself in the pre-Knight era.
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