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PAV instigator?

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  • PAV instigator?

    I've just read interesting things about PAV.

    Annie Elizabeth Crook worked in Cleveland Street in 1884, with a woman named Mary Kelly. Annie was James Stephen's cousin and, as James knew PAV, he decided to introduce her to him. You know PAV: he seduced her, etc. And in April 1885, a baby girl was born (Alice Margaret). The father's name is left blank on her birth certificate. Mary Kelly, Annie's friend, became her nanny. Some months later, the shop (6 Cleveland Street was a shop) was closed: Mary Kelly had to go back to the East-End and, coincidence or not, in 1888, she was the 5th victim of the Ripper... (these ideas are from a book by DJ Leighton)

    So could PAV wanted Mary Kelly dead just because she knew about his illegitimate daughter? I'm not saying he killed her, but he might have paid someone. That would not explain the 4 first murders, but I don't know, the killer might not have found the right woman the first times...

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    Hi Roma,

    Sorry to say, but the PAV/Annie Crook/Cleveland Street/secret marriage/illegitimate child/Mary Kelly/Sir William Gull story was exposed as hokum over twenty-five years ago.

    Don't waste your time on this theory.


    Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.