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    The strongest candidate we have ever had for the author of the Whitechapel crimes is Liverpool cotton merchant James Maybrick. This is because we have a Victorian scrapbook and a Victorian watch, both of which contain confessions to the crimes. These two items of solid actual evidence are two more than any other candidate has had in the one hundred and thirty years which have passed since the crimes occurred. Above and beyond the two concrete confessions, we have significant circumstantial evidence which - if James Maybrick was actually innocent of these crimes - seem doggedly determined to place him in the frame time and time again like some sort of cosmic fit-up.

    The Maybrick story however has been clouded badly by the actions, theories, and claims of Michael Barrett, Paul Feldman, and Melvin Harris, and the dark clouds they collectively and individually created or appear to have created have hung over the case against Maybrick for a quarter of a century, during which time neither the scrapbook nor the watch have been proven to be fakes, despite the facile claims to the contrary; but neither either have they been widely accepted as authentic solutions to this most famous series of murders.

    Any momentum which existed in the investigation of the 'Maybrick diary' has long since dissipated and any hope we may ever have of solving the Ripper murders has gone with it. In a final attempt to give the scrapbook and the watch their due place in the annals of Whitechapel history, I have pulled together a short summary of the case for (and to an extent against) James Maybrick. At over one hundred pages, it is too long to post here, so I have uploaded it to the cloud where you are welcome to download it if you wish. If you do download it and - specifically - if you comment on it here, please ensure that you have read the entire document thoroughly, not simply the bits you think you might want to challenge or clarify.

    As I claim within the text, if you genuinely have an open mind on the subject, you will find it difficult to read Society's Pillar and then lean towards the notion that the Victorian scrapbook is a forgery. You might still do so, but it will be more difficult than it was before you started reading. There is a compelling case here to be made and Ė if digested with an open and honest mind Ė there is also a solution to this most famous series of crimes to be found.

    I would welcome a rebuttal from David Orsam which I would be happy to add into the document if he chooses to email me one (

    Society's Pillar can be viewed and downloaded from History vs Maybrick or sent as an email attachment if you prefer.

    March 16, 2019
    Soldier of Fortune, Man of Peace, Destroyer of Images, Nice Guy, Genius

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    Updated today (pages 95-96), additional text in blue.
    Soldier of Fortune, Man of Peace, Destroyer of Images, Nice Guy, Genius


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      Hi Ike

      I just wanted to say thank you for the time and effort youíve put into Societyís Pillar and making it available, I enjoyed it very much!

      I havenít quite shut the door on the Maybrick Diary and if it is a hoax I agree it is quite sophisticated.

      I donít intend to dissect what I do and donít agree with but it was good to read a pro-Maybrick essay for a change.

      I enjoyed Societyís Pillar better than the 25th Anniversary actually.

      Nice work!


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        Thank you Phantom, your comments are greatly appreciated. Apologies for the delay in replying - I have been visioning the future, horizon-scanning, seeing the way the wind is blowing, and finally I have shot the breeze until it was pretty much dead and returned to my spiritual home. It is nice to be back.

        As I say, I appreciate your comments. I also noted that post-comments, the number of views shot up so I think you did a little bit of inadvertent marketing there.

        I look forward to the possibility of one day adding a rebuttal from Lord Orsam, should that come to pass. I imagine he has one or two thoughts on the pro-Maybrick points I raised.

        For now, itís back to defending Maybrick for me!


        Soldier of Fortune, Man of Peace, Destroyer of Images, Nice Guy, Genius