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I Am Christer's Intellectual Inferior

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  • I Am Christer's Intellectual Inferior

    Christer is much smarter than me. I'm not much smarter than my six year old son. My eleven year old makes me look like Forrest Gump.

    Christer has vast knowledge of all things Ripper, Nichols, Lechmere, Paul, Mizen, Thain, Llewellyn, Tomkins, et al. I'm a foolish neophyte. I barely know how to feed myself. I have peanut butter all over my tie right now!

    He has an internationally sent documentary. I like to watch documentaries about ex-porn actresses on Netflix.

    So, why not debate me in Baltimore, Christer? I'm a nobody. You can't lose. If you truly believe what you write on these boards and what's presented in the internationally sent documentary, why not spend a few hours debating it? If you are more convinced now than ever that Lechmere was the Ripper, why not get up and sell it? How can I stand in your way? You have the FACTS on your side!

    On top of this, all you need do is SHOW UP! I'll foot the bill for the venue, your dinner, drinks, whatever.

    Is this not a great opportunity to SHUT ME UP and to sell this thing to the masses?

    What will it take?