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All roads lead to Lechmere.

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    Originally posted by Fiver View Post

    Exactly like Robert Paul.
    Of course trafgic flow is irrelvant when there is a pavement.
    Plus we are taught if there is no pavement to walk towards on coming traffic, so we can see it coming.

    and he enters from the north, will exit north too. why would anyone cross the road, not once but twice?



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      Here's what happened to me.........

      A couple of years ago, late one cold winters evening I was returning home from a late football match. Turning the corner into my quiet, tree-lined steet I saw "something" up against the churchyard wall. I approached and saw that it was a young woman lying there, motionless. I didn't know whether she had been attacked, had a medical episode, or had collapsed through drink and / or drugs.

      I didn't want to be observed touching the young woman or her posessions so moved a couple of yards away from her. Whilst contemplating what to do I saw a woman passing on her way home from a late shift so I attracted her attention and asked her over. Being a female she had no compunction touching the young lady and eventually rousing her and rifling through her handbag. A nearly empty bottle of vodka was found in her bag so the cause of her collapse soon became apparent.

      The rest of the tale doesn't really matter. But I now realise that the way I reacted on finding a woman's body out on the street was not too disimilar at all from the way Lechmere reacted on finding Polly Nichols.

      The name issue is a total red herring. In the UK it is not unlawful to go by whatever name you choose provided it is not done with the intention to defraud. On another thread I posted a quote from an MJK thread (originally posted by Wickerman) where a witness gave a name but said it wasn't her real name and that not many people went by their real name. This would suggest that it was certainly not unusual for people to use names other than their registered or "official name".

      The Scobie comment has long been used to support the idea of putting the noose around Lechmere's neck. As has been covered already, there is some dispute regarding the content of the bundle presented to Scobie from which he came to his conclusions and also how his interview was edited. If theories and supposition are presented as irrefutable facts then there is scope for the wrong conclusion to be drawn. THis impasse will only ever be resolved if the prosecutor ie Fisherman puts Mr Scobie's bundle and a full transcript of the interview in the public domain.


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        I think it is abundantly clear to the majority that Lechmere was just a man on his way to work who found a body.

        All the so-called ''evidence'' against Lechmere comes from coincidental geography, stretched timings and spinning conversations and their order to suit.

        As I have said before, show me some evidence he had the capacity to do it and I will happily rethink.
        You can cherry pick individual cases of seemingly normal people being nutters all you like – I am sure if you look at the GLOBAL population of cases Lechmere would fall in the ‘less likely’ grouping. Doesn't rule him out of course, but in the light of the fact that there is absolutely nil, zero, nothing to implicate Lechmere, I think it is important.


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          Having read this entire thread , i would have to say the last two posts on the subject are probably the best two. if Lechmere indeed was the JTR then after each of the remaining murders he would most certainly come under more and more scrunity from the police. Which he was not .
          'It doesn't matter how beautiful your theory is. It doesn't matter how smart you are . If it doesn't agree with experiment, its wrong'' . Richard Feynman