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The Life of Lechmere

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  • The Life of Lechmere

    Whilst i continue to remain impartial, i decided to take some time to look a little more closely at the life of Lechmere

    To try and look for any potential indicators which could either strengthen or weaken his candidacy as a suspect.

    I wanted to look at things from a different perspective and approach this suspect from a different angle in order to delve a little deeper.

    I have found a few interesting details which may or may not be of relevance to the case, but all of which i believe are significant enough to be discussed and dismissed at the very least.

    A few facts to build up a backstory and to help provide a little more substance.

    Please feel free to comment and add to this thread accordingly...


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    Some key facts to begin

    Charles Lechmere had 11 children

    2 of these children died in infancy, both aged 2 (a commonplace occurrence of course)

    However, one of these 2 children; his eldest son and namesake, Charles Allen Lechmere, died just days after the birth of his 2nd daughter...

    Mary Jane Lechmere - Born 2nd Jan 1875

    Charles Allen Lechmere - BURIED 18th Jan 1875 (aged 2)

    Elizabeth Lechmere (nee Bostock) had therefore only just given birth a few days before losing her first child.

    A daughter born
    A son deceased

    Charles and Elizabeth also made the decision to wait over a year to baptize Mary, perhaps as a result of the couple having lost a little faith after losing their only son at the time.

    This is made even more interesting in that Mary Jane Lechmere is the daughter who lived with Charles' mother Maria on 2 separate censuses.

    Does this answer the question as to why Mary went to live with her Grandmother instead of her own parents?

    Did Charles and Elizabeth reject their daughter after losing his son?

    The couple later had another son whom they again named Charles Allen Lechmere.

    Could this add fuel to the psychological motive fire that Charles was traumatized by having gained a daughter only to lose a son days later?

    Or was it his wife Elizabeth who rejected Mary?

    incidentally, Charles was a witness at Mary Jane's wedding in 1899. This would perhaps indicate they were no estranged.

    As an aside,

    Lechmere was 19 when his older sister Emily died of TB aged 22 in 1869

    His Step-Father Thomas Cross then died just 5 months later

    Thoughts, theories and onslaught please?