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Hidden clues of circumstance

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  • Hidden clues of circumstance

    Are we agreed that at this stage only "circumstantial" evidence can be used to enhance the case against JTR?

    I've always believed that there's more out there, more clues to uncover and more hidden gems that could be added into the pot of circumstantial evidence as it were.

    So, let's play a game of... "If i were the Ripper"

    One for Lechmere theorists...

    On the 1881 census a man named George Hostler lived with his family.

    He worked as a Ginger Beer Maker...

    and lived next door to Charles Lechmere...

    "If i were the ripper"... i would absolutely make reference to a Ginger Beer Bottle on a letter; having acquired and kept a bottle for years from my next door neighbor George...

    The FACT that the writer of the Dear Boss Letter makes a direct and specific reference to a 'ginger beer bottle' is interesting in that it eludes to the killer having had a Ginger Beer Bottle in which he "saved some of the proper the red stuff..."( i.e. blood)

    Why make reference to a Ginger Beer Bottle at all? Why not just "bottle?"

    "Saved" from his last job indicates that he had kept this particular bottle for a period of time

    Living next door to a man who makes and produces Ginger Beer for a living may be a message from the killer; albeit perhaps a subliminal one.

    Lechmere would of had access to Ginger Beer as much as anyone else, but living next door to a man who produces it for a living is a tad coincidental especially considering the specific reference to it in the later Dear Boss letter.

    1881 to 1888 is 7 years, but how long did Lechmere live next to George Hostler?

    The devil is ALWAYS in the detail.

    Thoughts please?


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    Ginger beer was popular and readily available - there were empty ginger beer bottles in Mary Kelly's room, for example - and one didn't have to live next door to a ginger beer maker to obtain, or think of, ginger beer bottles.
    Kind regards, Sam Flynn

    "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)