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James Kelly living at 17 Dorset Street lodging house in May and December 1888

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  • James Kelly living at 17 Dorset Street lodging house in May and December 1888

    Hi all,

    I was looking through Chris Scott's Whitechapel Infirmary Admission and Discharge Register he posted on here when I noticed something very interesting.

    In both May and December of 1888 there are two records for a James Kelly. In may the surname is misspelt Kelley but due to every other detail being the same I'm certain it's the same person.

    Now the age is 38 rather than the 28 he would've been in 1888 it could've easily been a error like the surname or it could be because he was still an escaped prisoner who was being searched for.

    What's even more exciting is whilst being an upholster by trade the last job he did before being imprisoned at Broadmoor was actually as a dock labourer them same job listed here.

    17 Dorset Street was a lodging house on Dorset Street but I wondering if any map experts knows how close this is to where MJK was? I assume it's not too far away.

    Two other points I want to note is in May he is in the infirmary for an abscess (side note: it is believed James Kelly has an undiagnosed venereal disease which could've caused this) and although there is no way of knowing, it would've been very interesting is said abscess had been on his face. The second thing which is of great interest to me is in December he is in for a FACE INJURY!!!!!! Could this have been caused by a potential victim or maybe even MJK himself in her murder a month earlier. Maybe he waited to avoid suspection. It is almost certain James Kelly would've left England for France almost immediately after this so even if police did notice someone had been with possible injuries from a person defending themselves he would be long gone.

    As a point of speculation if MJK injured JtR whilst trying to protect herself this could enrage him which led to the much more extensive mutilations on her.

    I wonder if anyone else makes anything of this as I feel this is something to definitely worth thinking about.
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