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James Kelly lodging in George Yard in 1881

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  • James Kelly lodging in George Yard in 1881

    Hi all,

    While researching James Kelly I came across something I found quite exciting. In the 1881 Census it lists a James Kelly who has roughly the same age. It was already know that he was in London in 1881 but I haven't seen this census entry referenced yet.

    What also picks my interest is this would likely be the last place he was living in London until returning after escaping broadmoor and it seems plausible that you would return to the last place you knew.

    Which leads my to the JTR connection. It is estimated James Kelly returned to London after escaping broadmoor in June 1888 around the exact same time Martha Tabram was killed which occurred in George Yard!!! Now if this census entry is James Kelly and upon returning to London in 1888 went back to the area he was at before leaving in December 1881 to live with his wife he killed then that would place him in the direct location of Tabram's murder who is theorised to be Jack's first one.

    Anyway sorry for the long post I just thought this might be of interest to some of you. Also I know this birthplace is wrong and it should be Preston but due to Kelly's childhood he might not have know this well or Census are known to sometimes contain errors.
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    The next person on the list was a child of 6 months named James Kelly. Two for the price of one!