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    The death of Phoebe Hogg was certainly precipitated by a frenzied attack, leading to a crushed skull and a near-decapitation. However, although this killing was fuelled by deep jealousy and hatred, Eleanor Pearcey did not possess gigantic strength. She didn't work at a menial profession which built up muscle power. She was kept by a sugar daddy called Crittenden.

    My points still remain. Males were seen with three of JTR's victims shortly before their deaths. Stride was attacked by a male before death. I don't believe in a Jill the Ripper, entertaining though the theory is.


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      Mary Pearcey book

      On this day 125 years ago - 24th October, 1890 - the dead body of a woman was discovered on a pile of rubbish in Hampstead, north London. Her arms were lacerated and her face bloodied, her head severed from her body save a few sinews. Later, a blood-soaked pram was found leaning against a residential gate. The following morning the dead body of a baby was found hidden underneath a nettle bush.

      So began the incredible story of the Hampstead Tragedy.
      Eventually, Scotland Yard knocked on the door of No. 2 Priory Street, home to Mary Eleanor Pearcey, the pretty 24-year-old mistress whose crimes inspired speculation that Jack the Ripper was a woman, and whose dying request was as bizarre and mysterious as her life.

      Mango Books are delighted to announce that we will be publishing Sarah Beth Hopton's long-awaited book "Woman at the Devil’s Door: The Extraordinary True Story of Mary Pearcey and the Hampstead Murders" - the first full-length examination of the case.

      Further information will appear on our website:
      Mango Books offer nonfiction books for lovers of crime, detection and mystery.

      Join discussion on the book by joining the official Facebook page here:
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        Mary Pearcey was hanged for her murders 125 years ago this Wednesday December 23rd.
        This my opinion and to the best of my knowledge, that is, if I'm not joking.

        Stan Reid


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          Very much looking forward to hearing Sarah Beth Hopton discussher book and her theories at RipperCon. Fascinating suspect in the Ripper case. Pearcey's confirmed crimes are equally fascinating. Kudos to Hopton for keeping the story of the Hampstead murders in the public forum. Join us at RipperCon in Baltimore April 8 to 10. For information and to register, check our website at RipperCon.Com


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            That Mary Pearcey waxwork is terrifying. Very manly-looking. She doesn't look that grotesque in the newspaper illustrations. You have to wonder how much 'artistic license' went into her model, or if it was just poor craftmanship.