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Hyam Hyams court case

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  • Hyam Hyams court case

    Here is a court case from the Old Bailey from June 27th, 1887 in which Hyam Hyams testifies for the defense on behalf of a friend who has a fruit stand next to his on Mitre Street. The friend was accused of purchasing train tickets without paying full price.


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    It is interesting that with the name Hyam....With Lawende, Levy etc, with the name Hyam, that those three witnesses that identified Catherine Eddowes by her clothing and a description of a man they gave with her that the time differences between identifying catherine by clothing alive, then within 2 minutes she was found dead with timing accounts & all, that either the witnesses were lying or the police with thier beat was lying. it does make me wonder that the Police may well have been the culprits for covering up thier beat, as it is an impossibility that Catherine could have been killed and cut open in that space of time, no matter how quick the killer was, it must have taken at least 15 - 20 minutes to cut her open, not to mention the time it would have taken to make sure she was expired before cutting her wide open....At least another 10 - 20 minutes, as it was in the October and winter time, so the body would have cooled quickly, that might explain why she had a greenish bruise of a thumb mark on her stomach/abdomen.