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What's happened to George?

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  • Wickerman
    I would have thought there was enough threads on G. H. to keep any student busy, well into retirement...

    I've always assumed the role of defense council for G.H. - and given all the hooting n hollering over the years no-one has yet produced one instance where he was found out in telling a lie.
    Yet, that is the most common accusation against him, and, for all those who do have their own pet theories on what possible role G.H. could have played. There is no consensus on whatever 'they' (collectively) think he may have lied about.

    The basic grounds for accusing Hutchinson of anything was based on a false press account by the Star, suggesting his story had been "discredited", when only four days later (19th) we read (in the Echo) the police are still investigating Hutchinson's story, along side that of Mary Cox, and that they are split between two comparable suspects.
    Therefore, the Star's "discredted story is soon itself "discredited" by a competing newspaper.

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  • Fleetwood Mac
    started a topic What's happened to George?

    What's happened to George?

    Once over, George was often discussed. These days, he's been reduced to a mere after-thought in a 100 page thread that has nothing to do with him.

    By his own admission, George was at the crime scene and stalking Mary (the majority of sexual serial murderers stalk their victims).

    George doesn't give a plausible explanation for doing that.

    Of the known suspects, I'd suggest George is at least as good as most.

    Is it time for another 'round the houses on George?