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Location of the Victoria Home (Hutchinson's residence on Commerical Street)

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  • Location of the Victoria Home (Hutchinson's residence on Commerical Street)

    In another thread, someone mentioned that the Victoria building was located at the corner of Commerical Street and Wentworth, placing it in the vicinity of the Gouston Street Graffiti. I may be mistaken, but I thought the Victoria Home was also known as the Peabody House (set up by the Peabody Foundation, which provided cheap housing for the poor). And, that was located further north, at the corner of Commercial Street and Folgate Street (placing it in the vicinity of Annie Chapman's murder location). Or have I got that wrong?

    - Jeff

    Here's the info I have on the Peabody House:
    See the section headed "Nos. 135–153 (odd) Commercial Street"

    In 1863 the Peabody Trustees purchased a site in Commercial Street from the Commissioners of Works for £3,300, (fn. 83) and opened their first block of family dwellings there on 29 February 1864 (fn. 84) (Plate 77a). The architect was H. A. Darbishire, (fn. 83) who had previously designed Columbia Square, Bethnal Green, for Miss Burdett Coutts. (fn. 85)

    The arrangement of these first Peabody Buildings is noteworthy, the planning being on similar lines to that of Columbia Square, and setting a pattern which was to be followed in many subsequent Peabody estates. This sombre red brick building takes the form of two five-storeyed ranges merging together at the acute-angled corner of Commercial Street and Folgate Street.

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    Hi Jeff

    as far as I know, the Peabody house and the working men’s house are not the same.

    the “1st Victoria Home for Working Men” was on commercial street 39-41. I posted a photo of it here:

    There was a second, on Whitechapel Road 177.

    It is generally assumed that the Victoria Home 1 was hutchinson’s preferred stay.

    The casebook wiki is here

    and the archives of the homes can be read about here:

    I can’t recall if anyone has searched the archival material for Hutchinson, I presume so but someone else might remember.


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      Oh, fantastic. So I had it wrong. Need to update a few things. Very much appreciated.

      - Jeff