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  • 'fun' Victorian Groom video

    Before the wrath of the real (and those that think they are) Historians of Casebook, pours down on me...I have only posted this video because it 'tickled my fancy'.

    If you go onto the site and scroll down a bit, you can watch a short video of an actor portraying a Victorian Groom. I had to laugh at the fact that (by coincidence), the groom has a red neckerchief and a peaked cap !
    (and , I agree, he doesn't look like a sailor).

    Nevertheless, I imagine that these sort of things are researched, and so it is interesting that at the end of the video, when talking about grooms in London, the actor says 'some of those lads aren't finished before 2 in the morning..'

    It's an interesting detail when considering Hutch as a Suspect -nothing more and nothing less.

    ps The first pic has a groom wearing what Ben thinks is a 'wideawake' -that is, the brim is very open. Not like a Bowler.

    (If the link doesn't work, google 'The Stable Yard 1880' and go into that address -Audley End ??)
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