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A coincedence

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  • The Good Michael
    That was a warning from the ghost of Toppy. He was tring to tell you to not let people drag his name through the mud.

    I'd listen.


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  • Jane Welland
    Richard sees the light!

    Question is, Rich, would that be Toppy Hutch, or non-Toppy Hutch?

    Best regards, Sir!

    Jane x

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  • richardnunweek
    started a topic A coincedence

    A coincedence

    Hello Guys.
    Absolutely true this, I was about to start a thread on a simple heading' So who was he'?.
    My intention was to try and get, old and new, members to put foreward main suspects.
    Just as i was about to find the relevant slot to post. i heard the name Hutchinson..
    To explain .
    I was listening to Radio sports life, at the time, and the name Hutchinson was mentioned, at precisely the time , I was about to start that thread.
    Now that shook me.. can I have been talking out my backside all along.. NAH, just one of those things.. yes?
    Regards Richard.