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Merriment in Miller's Court...

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  • Merriment in Miller's Court...

    Several newspapers report that Hutch went into Miller's Court, where he could ear "sounds of merriment" from Mary's room. Then, the sounds ceased, suggesting that Mary and AM were sleeping together or, at least, that AM wasn't to go yet. Being so, Hutch gave up and left.
    But other articles tell us another story: Hutch went into the court, but was unable to ear any sound from the room until he left.
    As to Hutch police statement, it doesn't really clear the matter, only saying: "I went to the court to see if I could see them but could not."

    I wonder who is to blame here.
    The press? (can this "sounds of merriment" be an invention?)
    The police again, for Hutch's statement is very vague?
    Hutch himself ? (for giving conflicting accounts of what happened on the spot).
    Any opinion welcome,

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    I think, David, that a combination of an excessive fantasy and readiness to use it to sell copies on behalf of the papers, and an excessive fantasy and readiness to use it to enhance his own situation on behalf of Hutch may well be what we are looking at.

    Moreover, when the police picked up on the differing stories told to/by the papers, it may have provided a suitable background to their quickly growing disinterest in Hutch.

    ...and if anybody says that Fleming in Hutch-disguise would be close to a genious to employ such tactics to lead the police astray, I would not object for a second.

    The best!