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  • Hutchinson's sunday

    Much has been said about Hutchinson's statement and the Jewish-looking man he supposedly saw with Kelly on 9 November - no need to open a new thread about this.

    I'd like here to focus on what Hutch supposedly saw on Sunday 11 November:

    "I believe that he [LA DI DA] lives in the neighbouhood", Hutch says, "and I fancied if I saw him in Petticoat Lane on Sunday morning, but I was not certain."

    Just some comments about this statements (waiting for yours):

    1: there was a market in Petticoat Lane on Sunday mornings - which means there were constables available as well.

    2: Hutchinson apparently not only did not call for any policeman, but let the man go: strange, for somebody who had waited 45 minutes in front of Miller's Court, before he knew about any murder commited there...

    3: note the expression "I fancied" and "I was not certain", while there is nobody so easy to recognized like LA DI DA...Seems like Hutch did not believe in the statement he was to make to Abberline more than 24 hours afterwards!

    4: what a coincidental meeting !

    5: why didn't he tell Abberline about this "Sunday" extraordinary meeting, and only told the press on Tuesday 13 ? (see The Times and The Star, 14 Nov)

    And that would be my main point: those who would like Hutch to be a mere witness - more or less reliable, as witnesses are, it doesn't matter here - systematically use as an argument the fact that Abberline believed his statement as "important" and "true" (in Abberline's own words from his 12 Nov report).

    But would Abberline have believed Hutch if he had told him about Petticoat Lane's Sunday market?

    It seems to me that Hutch purposely started to throw doubts on his reliability (slightly, skilfully) when he told some journalists about his incredible Sunday morning...

    Amitiés à tous,