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McCarthy/Lechmere connection

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  • McCarthy/Lechmere connection

    Okay... so here goes nothing...

    have been trying to think outside the box a little and taken a closer look at some of the Census returns to see if anything in particular stood out to me.

    I have already mentioned on a previous post about the fact that in 1881 Lechmere lived next door to a man called George Hostler who made Ginger Beer for a living and the purely coincidental connection with JTR making a direct reference to a Ginger Beer bottle and that Ginger Beer bottles were found at MJK murder scene...

    But i accept that that is nothing more than coincidence.

    However, i have also been looking at something else which i have found more intriguing...

    Having scoured this forum for any references to my next point, i was somewhat surprised to have found no mention of said point...

    In the 1881 Census Lechmere had another family who boarded in the exact same dwelling.

    This family were the McCarthy family

    Ellen McCarthy is listed as a widow (alleged)

    Her late (alleged) husband was called Daniel McCarthy.

    They married in 1862

    Now i'm aware that this Daniel McCarthy is NOT the same Daniel McCarthy who was the younger brother of John McCarthy but...

    Is there a chance that the McCarthy family living in the same dwelling as Lechmere in 1881 WAS part of the extended family of John McCarthy?

    I know that there were a lot of McCarthy's around at that time, but seeing as there appears to be no mention on this forum conclusively dismissing the family connection, then my suggestion is this...

    If the McCarthy family living with Lechmere IS connected to John McCarthy, then this would mean that there is a definitive connection between the "witness" to Nichol's murder with the landlord of the property in which Kelly was slain.

    On that basis, my theory would be this... Lechmere KNEW Kelly and was one of her clients. He sometimes visited her on his route to work having been introduced to her by John McCarthy, who appears to have been a bit like a pimp figure.

    Did Lechmere know Kelly through John McCarthy?

    If he did, then it would explain WHY Kelly was murdered inside her dwelling. It has always seemed a little more personal an attack to me compared to the other victims.

    It has already been established that there was a lot more to John McCarthy than meets the eye and is also baffles me how there was also another unexplained murder above Kelly's flat subsequent to her slaying.

    Even if there is no connection whatsoever between the McCarthy family living with LEchmere and Kelly's landlord John McCarthy, then at the very least we can all discount it as pointless conjecture on my part.

    I do find it interesting however, that no one has ever asked the question...

    Is the McCarthy family lodging with suspect Lechmere related to the landlord John McCarthy?

    Thoughts and feedback please?



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    There were quite a few McCarthy's around .
    May have been related ,may not .
    May have known each other through Irish connections but unless you find a link showing a close relationship it counts for little I'm afraid .

    There's no reason I can think of to link Lechmere that way anyway even if there was a family link between two branches of the McCarthy family .

    Sickert was linked to McCarthy though ,through Marie Lloyd
    How about that for thinking outside the box
    You can lead a horse to water.....


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      Possibly not - McCarthy was a comparatively common name.
      Kind regards, Sam Flynn

      "Suche Nullen" (Nietzsche, Götzendämmerung, 1888)


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        Hostler was less common. In 1901 a mineral water maker named Isaac Hostler was living in Old Gravel Lane. He had a lodger named Joseph Barnett.


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          There's no reason I can think of to link Lechmere that way anyway even if there was a family link between two branches of the McCarthy family [/QUOTE]

          I acknowledge your viewpoint but i beg to differ that if Lechmere's lodger was related to John McCarthy, how that wouldnt be significant enough to at least create a link between a top 10 suspect (which he is) with the dodgy landlord of the property in which Kelly was butchered?

          I am sceptical that the lodger was related BUT the fact there could be a link means it must be worth a closer look at the very least.

          I am eager to disprove the connection myself as im not a Lechmereian theorist; i am merely looking for potential leads and previously undiscovered connections between suspects and victims.

          If it turns out that John McCarthy's cousin lodged WITH Lechmere in 1881, then its more likely that Lechmere was at least aware of John McCarthy.

          In my opinion, John McCarthy is as much a suspect as Lechmere

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