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Who was JTR ? my thoughts.

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  • Who was JTR ? my thoughts.

    I have been interested in JTR for a long time now, many decades. But I am still unable to come up with a single name, one I can say it is who I believe JTR to be.

    Could there be more than one ? perhaps. Mary Kelly springs to mind.

    Could he be unknown ? perhaps. Despite a huge investigation the police were unable to actually bring anyone to book.

    The "usual suspects ". Of these Kelly would be my number one.

    A wild card ? P.C. Richard Brown.

    I wish I knew more about Brown. But of course we could say the same about all of them.

    There was a Ripper program on the other night. It was with Fred Dinage, not that good and I had seen it before.

    There was one piece at the end which rang a cord.The guy said something like this " even if absolute proof were found tomorrow revealing the identity of the Ripper, there would still be people who would never accept it "

    So I guess I will just have to keep looking. But would I be able to accept anything that went against my long held views ?
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    By God, sir, so you have.

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