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Do we have any DNA evidence of Jack the Ripper?

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  • Do we have any DNA evidence of Jack the Ripper?

    I don't know anything about the case (don't bother myself with it because of the large chance it's just some random guy lol), but I was wondering, if DNA is available, then has it ever been sent off to Parabon Labs?

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    A few real crimes have been solved by the computerized sketches created based on the person's DNA.

    You can see their site here:

    If there isn't any DNA just ignore it lol. Just thought I'd mention it on the off chance it could be useful, as I just watched a documentary on the case of a murdered child where the Parabon Labs photo helped to crack the case (the Tinsley girl).

    I see a shawl had some DNA testing carried out on it, so perhaps that could be sent off? I don't know.

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    Good we can just gore it then.
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