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The Diary of Jack the Ripper...fake?

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  • The Diary of Jack the Ripper...fake?

    Having read and compaired James Maybricks activites in both books..''the Trial of Florence Maybrick'' and ''the Diary of Jack the Ripper'', i have come to the conclusion that the copy you have in your possesion is a fake..based on a very real the florence trial book it gives an account of james last 8 days..his bedroom was next to hers and was moved to this room being unable to do so on his own..the 5th..the book suggests the diary was found in his den..and the last entry is dated the 3rd..however he could not have confessed to florence until the she had written to brierley..and not mentioned the ''fantastic story'' in her first letter..the morning of the 5th.When the doctor arrived..the 7th..she cryptically mentioned this in her remark about his ''bad tounge''..and wrote the ''story'' letter to brierley on the 8th..he told about 15.00 on the 7th..he could not have confessed to telling her as the diary suggests before the 3rd!..because she was sleeping in his bed in the den..and the book would have been discovered in her room...he never left the room after the 5th as witnesses testified..he died there..the diary is a copy (the mistakes were probably deliberate)..not a fake!

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    Hi S.L.V.HOBBS,
    There is a huge selection of Maybrick threads under the suspects section on this page, you can also read lots of wonderful dissertations on the subject both pro and con via the sidebar to the left of this page.

    Regards Mike