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Did Abberline think MJD was a Doctor?

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    Originally posted by Patrick S View Post
    I've always attributed it to the frailty of human memory. Abberline was speakign 20+ years after the murders and he may have confused his professions. Doctor, rather than lawyer. He may have confused the father with the son: Druitt's father was a doctor. His memory may have been influenced by the fact that many believed the killer was a medical man, thus making Druitt "a doctor" in this telling.

    Just my thoughts.
    Hi Patrick.

    I was really thinking about McNaughten's incorrect description of Druitt's occupation which was only six years after the murders, not Abberline's response in the PMG.

    Even though I think your points still hold true, how many of us really remember well people who we hear about at work, but never meet six years earlier?

    There does seem many possible reasons for the confusion and I somehow doubt it started with McNaughten, just that his is the earliest surviving documented example of it we know about.

    I think it may be the case both Abberline and McNaughten's recollection of the information may have been correct as it was told to them.
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      Originally posted by DirectorDave View Post
      If anyone is reading this then it means after a few years of trying to post this I've finally plucked up the courage to hit "submit reply".

      Does anyone else think there is a possibility Druitt's initials "MD" could be a contributing factor to him being incorrectly said to be a Doctor?

      Even more silly I know, but MJ Druitt the name sounds like it should be a Doctor's name?

      Feel free to call me daft...I don't care I've finally said it.
      Writing years after the even it is possible.

      Or that the "private information" got confused.

      You see Mm Doesn't say "His family believed him to be the killer" but rather along the lines of "From private information I have received his family believed him to be the killer".

      So what if the information came from a third party who said something like
      You know Melville, Montie Druitt's folk believe he was Jack the Ripper, now I know his dad, a doctor down Dorset way, thinks so because of some things he found after the lad died in the Thames.

      To be honest I have no trouble with MM then thinking Montie was either also a doctor or simply getting confused about who was being referred to as a doctor.
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