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So it was him! Just not the C5

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    Originally posted by Rosella View Post
    He was an interesting character, and I love reading about him. Complete show-off, though. No blending quietly into the background for Deeming! That was great for him as a showman/conman, not so good if you're trying to conceal your identity after murder.

    I just don't think he's Jack for a lot of reasons but primarily, I don't think Deeming would be able to keep his mouth shut if he had committed so famous a series of crimes. There'd be deep, dark hints to someone, in the course of his life afterwards and that would be it!
    I don't think he was Jack either but found it interesting that he is claimed to have told hs solicitor that he "did the last two in 1890".

    I suspect [but only suspect] that at that stage he knew he was a gonner re the two wives and wanted extra attention, I also suspect that the claims that he told a fellow prisoner that he was JtR were along similar lines a bit of gaol house cred.
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