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Deeming: Phrenologist Compares His Head To 2 Other 'Criminal Types'

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  • Deeming: Phrenologist Compares His Head To 2 Other 'Criminal Types'

    'The Phrenological Journal and Science of Health', 1892 edition, published two articles on Deeming.

    The 3-pg article compares Deeming to 2 other 'Criminal Types', a Homicidal Doctor and an oddly generic Anarchist, in order to show that there are visibletraits in killers which reveal their true nature.

    Apparently Deeming's forehead was sadly "recessed" right at the crucial locations of "Veneration" and "Benevolence."

    Even better, on regarding the newspaper illustration of the Anarchaist, the Phrenolgist states : "The Hair is positively insane."

    Really really really bad hair day...

    The second article was in the same magazine, dated September 1892, and expresses the compelling need for the Govt. to permit scientists to study the brains of executed criminals.

    Please Note: In 1892 Phrenologists considered themselves 'Scientists'.

    Cheers, Archaic
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    Regarding the choices in this article.

    Aside from the fact that phrenology is usually considered a pseudo - science, the following points should be noted.

    1) Dr. T. Thatcher Graves, who was found guilty of the murder of a friend and patient of his in 1891, never was hanged for the crime. He died, an apparent suicide. in 1893, while waiting for an appeal. The writer Barnaby Conrad wrote the most recent account of the case, and Conrad (a descendant of the Victim, mind you) concluded Dr. Graves was innocent, and that it was the son-in-law of the woman (and Conrad's great gradnfather - a wheeler/dealer in mining companies) who was behind the murder and the framing of the Doctor.

    2) The drawing of Deeming is based on a photograph of that killer. It probably was one of several. There are several pictures of Deeming wearing the same tie and suit (one is in the 1901 edition of MYSTERIES OF THE POLICE AND CRIME by Major Arthur Griffiths), and a second is a frequently reprinted picture of Deeming scowling at the camera (where someone has painted a mustache on his face because he contrived to shave his mustache off to confuse witnesses). There too he wears the same tie and suit.

    Ravachol was a thief and murderer who espoused "anarchism" as his creed - a lot of people believed he was an anarchist.