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    From what I can tell the only reason that Dr. Cream is considered as a suspect is because he supposed last words, through the hood over his head just before being hanged, were "I am Jack." Now, I have read a bit about Cream and know him to be a poisoner and I also know that he's suspected or nearly, I haven't done a lot of reading on it so forgive me, of killing his wife. I plan to take a closer look over time but what are the serious things pointing to Dr. Cream being the Ripper? His height and appearance sorta fit....So to get a jump on things could someone explain why he's a suspect outside of him saying that before being hanged?

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      Originally posted by clark2710 View Post
      There's very little to suggest Dr Cream as the Ripper other than him saying I am Jack...


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        Just thought that Thomas Stevenson might be of some interest ......

        02-04-2019, 04:07 AM

        Just for a bit of jolly concerning Henry Gawen Sutton.
        Openshaw had taken over the Pathological Museum from him.
        Stephenson was his inpatient. Twice.
        He was Gull's protege and lived next door to him in the 1860/70s.
        He was on the Shoreditch Vestry Board with Thomas Stevenson,the pathologist in the Cream,Chapman and Maybrick cases.
        Mary Kelly's body was stored in their mortuary and her inquest at "their" town hall.

        All that means nothing,until one does some research.

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