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If "Cohen" is "John Doe" why aren't the asylum records littered with Cohens?

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    Originally posted by Al Bundy's Eyes View Post

    Sorry, I meant the OP, how did Martin reach the conclusion that David Cohen was a genetic catch all name?

    Wether Cohen and Kosminsky are one and the same? That's not quite resolved yet...
    See Roger's post #10 for the answer. Fido subsequently decided the John Doe explanation was infeasible.

    Just to clarify my own belief -- that the violent, insane tailor, David Cohen's European name was "Aaron Kosminski" because "Aaron" was Cohen's first name and "Kosminski" was his last name (my belief -- unproven) before he changed it. And wandering in Whitechapel at the same time was a second "Aaron Kosminski" (Abrahams) -- the enfeebled former hairdresser.

    Thus, there may be some merit in Fido's confusion hypothesis.