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    Well its a bit off topic but it all boils down to whether you think the Farmer assault to be a geniune ripper attack. The police at the time didnt, and many people still disregard it im guessing mainly because they have high expectations that the ripper was a highly efficent killing machine. Whereas I personally believe he was a disorganised, bumbeling drugged up maniac and Farmer was a plucky & very lucky woman who managed to fight him off. Possibly on this occasion he didnt have his large knife with him, just his clasp knife we know he carried.

    This incident had a lot of witness descriptions that really do fit the Bill - short, sturdy, hard felt hat, triangular black coat, possibly a saddler etc etc one person says he even had a horse whip! (apart from the scar of course which we dont know about because he always seems to have his neck covered). - Farmer says she knew him 12 months ago and 'he ill used me then' and could easily recognise him again. Shortly after this incident (related or not) Bury starts planning to leave town.

    Anyway have a look yourself.
    The Daily Telegraph
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      I just noticed that there is a new edition of Euan Macpherson’s book available from Amazon. It appears to be a Kindle-only title. I don’t own a Kindle and haven’t read it yet.

      There is a foreword by Sue Black that customers can read as part of the preview. The table of contents has some changes from the 2005 paperback that I own, so this must be a revision and not simply a reprint of the 2005 book.
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      “When a major serial killer case is finally solved and all the paperwork completed, police are sometimes amazed at how obvious the killer was and how they were unable to see what was right before their noses.” —Robert D. Keppel and William J. Birnes, The Psychology of Serial Killer Investigations

      William Bury, Victorian Murderer