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Notes on Alfred Blanchard

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  • Notes on Alfred Blanchard

    Alfred Napier Blanchard

    Name: Alfred Blanchard
    Year of Registration: 1855
    Quarter of Registration: Apr-May-Jun
    District: Chorlton
    County: Lancashire
    Volume: 8c
    Page: 510

    Richmond Grove, Chorlton, Lancashire
    Head: William Edward Blanchard aged 42 born Yorkshire - Merchant
    Wife: Marianne A Blanchard aged 30 born All Saints, Huntingdonshire
    Ada Mary aged 8 born Huntingdonshire
    Alfred N aged 6 born Manchester
    Arthur E adge 4 born Manchester
    Amy M aged 2 born Manchester
    Augustus aged 8 months born Manchester
    Cousin: Fanny Ann Cook aged 21 born Huntingdon
    Mary Macnamara aged 43 born Ireland - Nurse
    Mary Ann Loftus aged 28 born Irsland - Cook

    Richmond Grove, Chorlton, Lancashire
    Head: William E Blanchard aged 52 born York - Calico printer
    Wife: Marianne A Blanchard aged 40 born Huntingdon
    Alfred N aged 16 born Manchester
    Ada M aged 18 born Manchester
    Amy M aged 12 born Manchester
    Augustus aged 10 born Manchester
    Amelia aged 8 born Southport
    Mary Leary aged 42 born Ireland
    Dorcas Hand aged 50 born Liverpool

    25 The Grove, Barton, Lancashire
    Head: William E Blanchard (Widower) aged 62 born York - Retired calico printer
    Amy M aged 22 born Manchester
    Augustus aged 20 born Manchester - Salesman lace department
    Amelia aged 18 born Southport
    Alfred N aged 25 born Manchester - Hardware traveller

    I can find no trace of Blanchard after the 1881 census.
    An Alfred Blanchard of the correct age died in Camberwell in 1892 as follows:
    Name: Alfred Blanchard
    Estimated Birth Year: abt 1855
    Year of Registration: 1892
    Quarter of Registration: Oct-Nov-Dec
    Age at Death: 37
    District: Camberwell
    County: Greater London, London, Surrey
    Volume: 1d
    Page: 471

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