Hello everyone!
This is my first post here so forgive me for any mistakes I might make. I've been really interested in the case of JTR after watching a video by LEMMINO on youtube (link attached below) and have since been hooked. I've tried searching the forums for this topic before but couldn't find anything so forgive me if this was already talked about. At 50:20 LEMMINO describes that the supposed motivation for Barnett being JTR is resulting from the guilt of driving MJK back to prostitution and so he goes on a murder spree in an attempt to scare MJK off the streets. Although this is speculation, I was wondering if there was any record of MJK changing jobs? Or at least any record or statement that she may have stopped being a prostitute for some time? My thinking is that if MJK was frightened to continue being a prostitute, and lets say that this period when she was frightened was during October of 1888, could this not add some suspicion to Barnett being JTR? Maybe after a month of no murdering MJK felt safe enough to continue working on the streets and Barnett was upset to the point where he finally murdered MJK in the most brutal fashion. Im new to searching for such statements and all so I ask for your help.


Video link:
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