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    Assuming guilt of serial killers is why many murders go unsolved. As was the case with Wayne Williams, Ted Bundy, and most notoriously, Henry Lee Lucas. Easier to blame the Devil you know than to actually investigate to see if it was the Devil you don't know. I always thought the Miller's Court murder was a personal thing...
    And the questions always linger, no real answer in sight


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      This is from CNN about a man named Glen Rogers who is claiming that he committed the OJ Simpson murders:

      "Rogers and O.J. Simpson's cases don't match except that all the victims were stabbed. Rogers was a good-looking guy. He would go to bars, pick up women, court them, sometimes live with them a while, then kill them. The one victim he murdered in L.A., he killed the night he met her."

      It just reminded me of Barnett living with Kelly. I've always had strong suspicions about Barnett, I do believe he could have killed MJK and possibly have been JTR also. He was certainly a man under a lot of pressure....he'd lost his job (which could mean life or death in Whitechapel), lost his woman, and his home.

      But as with all JTR suspects, no evidence...or at least not enough evidence.


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        Rogers is completely full of CRAP. I usually like the Discovery channel but I am rethinking my position after they aired that garbage. And the media like the ignorant trolls they are just go along with it giving Rogers exactly what he wants, just disgusting. I can't imagine how bad Nicole and Ron's families feel about this god is there any way Orenthal and Rogers can be executed like tonight