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  • A new possibility?

    The Times of 18th October 1888 reported a suspect who had initially presented at King Street Police Station and was later taken to Bow Street. He was examined by Thomas Bond who decided that he was a criminal lunatic but not the Ripper. The report is on Casebook, associated with Bond. The man, who sounds as if he was in the throes of a psychotic episode, said that he had once studied medicine but later given it up in favour of engineering. He gave his age as 67 although the report said that he looked younger. The thing that struck me was that Francis Craig certainly had some connection with medicine and the teaching of medical students but for several years susequently worked as a ventilation engineer and had taken out engineering patent applications (as well as being a newspaper editor). He was 51 in 1888. The report says that the suspect was photographed at Bow Street. I don't suppose there is the slightest chance of such photographs surviving. Does anyone know where one would begin looking? I know that it's a million to one against this being JTR or even Francis Craig but unstable psychotics (which Craig certainly was) do sometimes suffer temporary breakdowns or fugues and there is good evidence that Craig had suffered such episodes both before and after the events of 1888. Just a thought ..... has anyone else looked at this guy before?

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    I've no details on the suspect, but the Times article goes on to say he had been sent to Lambeth Infirmary in July 1887. Their patient records might be available in the London Metropolitan Archives?