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Empty cottages in Mitre Square

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  • Empty cottages in Mitre Square

    This image (link below) by Jaako for the fab CSI Whitechapel book.
    The configuration of the windows (first floor) is odd with three windows RIGHT next to each other. The window with the lamplight glowing shows that the other two windows either side are for different rooms (there's no light being cast on the two windows either side) So this (to me) says that the centre window is a self-contained room. But that means that the room and the two either side AND the three rooms on the 2nd floor would be little more than 3 feet wide (the width of a door).
    Question: is this depiction in Jakkos images accurate? I don't doubt that Jakko has got this perfectly correct because he has used a ton of research material to get his work spot on.
    I just can't work out why there would be three windows so close together and three tiny separate rooms.

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    Hi RichardH,

    Hope this helps.

    Click image for larger version

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      Simon, thanks for the reply. But that image you posted is the same image that I posted in the link
      I wanted to know if those three window configurations are based on research or if they are just Jakko's interpretation. Would that be three windows in one room or three separate rooms of about 4 feet wide? Or, perhaps two windows in one room with the third being a separate room?

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        I'm pretty sure Pearce says he left a light on in his room, so perhaps that"s it.

        And maybe the three windows are in one room but only one window has the curtains open?


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          I think the light is spilling over slightly into the left window, so that left and centre both belong to the same room. The right window, being directly above the door, perhaps opens onto a corridor, or the head of the stairs.
          - Ginger


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            The three upper windows on the left are for one room, and as you can clearly see, that left hand unit is occupied. The right hand 3 windows belong to the unit adjacent which is boarded up and not in use apparently.
            Michael Richards