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East End Photographs and Drawings

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  • a couple more ..
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    • Hi Moonbegger

      As I said on the other thread this is fascinating stuff but could you please properly size the photos you post because if you don't it buggers up the page it appears on.

      As deep as you want but only 750 (top whack 800) wide, please.


      • Photos of Goulston Street Basement

        Hi All!

        I'm a long-time lurker, but a newbie to posting! As this is my favourite thread - I thought you might be interested in seeing photos taken inside my friend Raj's workshop. He used to own the shop where 'Happy Days' is today, and still has the cellar beneath half of it.

        I noted in earlier posts that many were wondering about the light wells outside the Wentworth model dwellings. . .

        Raj has been in that building for over twenty years and remembers well what what been done there over time. The light wells were 'robbed out' in a way, because the cellar rooms were extended into the light well space in order to enlarge them.

        The ceiling where the replacement pavement lights were has now been plastered over, but Raj says they're still there, just covered over.

        From what I can see, the layout of the cellar accommodation would have been two not large rooms. Raj says there was an open drain under the floor - apparently still there but now covered over.

        I'm sure he'd would be willing to give interested parties a 'tour' - perhaps we can arrange something - but not on a Saturday.

        I'm going to post some photos - first try at this - wish me luck!

        Will take some more next time I visit Raj.

        The Countess
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        • Hi Countess and welcome

          Just hang on a mo because I'm sure some topography people will come along who will understand your post better than I can.


          • Hello countess ,

            #44/46 is actually next door to happy days fish & chip shop , but I agree with Robert in so much as topography experts will have a better grasp on the downstairs lay out and original rear entrance/exit of the building ,

            cheers & welcome

            moonbegger .


            • I'd like to see a shot of Lawende's closet, please.


              • Yes indeed , but you'll have to wait until I've finished digging up the garden



                • Thank you for your kind welcome!

                  Dear Robert and Moonbegger,

                  Thank you so much for your welcome! I apologize if my writing was a little obtuse - I was nervous about my first post and anxious about uploading things. . .

                  I beg to assure you, that although I'm a newbie to Casebook, I'm not a newbie to the case. The minutes of my life in the past two years, stood in front of 'Happy Days - Takeaway' (usually across the street from it) explaining the significance of the site, must now must amount to weeks, if not months!

                  I had some more shots of the area where the light wells were, but have either misplaced, lost or deleted them, annoyingly. When I see Raj again, I'll take some more.

                  I seem to remember that, either earlier in this thread, or in another (I've been quite a devoted lurker for quite some time!) members were curious about what the Goulston St building was like inside and if anyone has more information about the layout of its original state, I'd be very interested to hear.

                  I'm fascinated by the architectural history of it - for instance - the blocked up rusty door in my photo would have been at the end of the passage leading from 'our' Happy Days doorway, therefore possibly the exit Saucy Jacky may have used if he were escaping towards Flower and Dean St.

                  Raj tells me that all the passages were originally open, like those of the George Yard Buildings.

                  Once, when I was downstairs, Raj accidentally turned out the lights. Thank goodness I was wearing tight pants! In the dark, the place scared the bejesus out of me!

                  The rooms in the basement are small - even by bathroom standards. I'm not sure if the accommodation would have been one three room flat, or a two room and a store room, or three horrible dark rooms. It makes me very grateful for the light filled place I'm sitting in now.

                  As much as I'm fascinated by all things 1888 - I certainly wouldn't want to live there!


                  • Hi Countess

                    Nothing wrong with your writing - it's just that I have difficulty visualising spaces (I am one of the few who never managed to solved Rubik's cube).


                    • Lovely photos of the Essex; twisted my ankle in there once trying to sramble upstairs.


                      • Can anyone tell me if this old wall that sits behind the old Whitechapel workhouse infirmary site to the east of Valence rd ( Bakers row ) , is the same one that was part of the original structure in 1888 ??? cheers .
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                        • Robert:

                          I am one of the few who never managed to solved Rubik's cube

                          I KNEW it!!!

                          The best,


                          • But I did solve two thirds of it.


                            • Is the photo below of Bishopsgate Police Station? I've never seen a photo from the period before so I was surprised to see it.

                              It's from "Living London" edited by George R. Sims so circa 1901. Sadly the photo is cropped for the page but the fašade is quite distinctive and the lane between the buildings is where Rose Alley would have been, Victoria Avenue today.

                              For comparison here's an etching from 1866 of Bishopsgate Police Station and just for jollys a quick Photoshop job of how it would have fitted in the modern street below.

                              Post Tenebras Lux


                              • Hers a photo I took recently. it shows the former Horse And Groom, 21 Whitchurch Lane, a very short walk from Liz Stride murder site. In 1888 on the night of her murder it's very possible that the licensee was Otto Busch. Otto Busch was a native of Hanover in Germany.

                                Click image for larger version

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