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    The Courier [Scotland], 1st October 2018—

    Nevill Swanson, the great grandson of the late Scotland Yard officer Donald Sutherland Swanson, said the culprit was identified by his ancestor as being Aaron Kosminski – a Polish Jew who was committed to a London asylum where he subsequently died.

    “To summarise, he solved it and identified the culprit but could not proceed through the refusal of an eye witness to testify against a fellow Jew.

    “He therefore contrived to have Kosminski committed to an asylum where he eventually died.”

    Mr Swanson said part of the code by which his great grandfather lived was to not disclose anything about his professional life. As a result he kept what he knew to himself.

    “The family knew he had identified the killer but he would not divulge the identity,” said Mr Swanson.

    “This knowledge came out many years later when my father revealed the so-called “Swanson Marginalia” which gave the name Kosminski.

    “This was and is a disappointment to many as there is a thriving “Ripperology” industry!”

    Others, however, have disputed the evidence.

    *Mr Swanson said a biography called “Swanson – The Life & Times of a Victorian Detective” is to be published later this year.
    Never believe anything until it has been officially denied.

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    If his great grandson had located Swanson's summary of the Kelly murder, that would be important.
    Regards, Jon S.


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      Does he say who's written the biography?
      "It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins twisting facts to suit theories instead of theories to suit facts." Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (as Sherlock Holmes).


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        Once again this relative is spreading falsies.

        Donald Swansons did NOT name Aaron Kosminski at all.

        I now learn that Donald Swansons himself.. And I quote..
        "contrived" to have Kosminski committed to an asylum.. Unquote.

        Is there no limit to the power of this super humanoid policeman?

        Sorry.. All sounds like pushing up the family name to me.
        Talk about fake news.



        This news never DID disappoint the community. It's first reaction was incredulity, then frantic research.
        The reaction today is.. Old hat. After 30 years of research, no factual evidence linking Aaron Kosminski to any crime has ever turned up.
        Pity eh?

        The disappointment may well be that a relative is continuing to push false facts to the media. It has been done by this person before, on camera.
        Last edited by Phil Carter; 10-02-2018, 12:16 PM.
        Chelsea FC. TRUE BLUE. 💙

        Justice for the 96 = achieved
        Accountability? ....


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          There's another book I won't bother buying ..... 😀
          You can lead a horse to water.....