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The London Police by James Monro

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  • The London Police by James Monro

    I found this 1890 article, The London Police by Commissioner Monro in the JSTOR archives and thought you might like to read his thoughts on the New Scotland Yard, MET and crime in London. The pdf copy is 1.5 mgs so I can't attach it to this thread but you can find it at this web address. Since it is stored in the JSTOR archive you don't need an account/password to read or download it to your computer.

    The London Police
    Author(s): James Monro
    Source: The North American Review, Vol. 151, No. 408 (Nov., 1890), pp. 615-629
    Published by: University of Northern Iowa
    Stable URL: .
    Accessed: 02/09/2012 10:00
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    Hope you enjoy!

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    This might save some people time :