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    PDAView Full Version : Census Details - John Littlechild


    chris17th August 2007, 12:00 PM
    John George Littlechild

    North Brink, Wisbech, Cambs
    Head: John Littlechild (Widower) aged 52 born Duxford, Cambs - Brewer's blacksmith
    Hester aged 22 born Herts
    Emma aged 16 born Royston
    John G aged 13 born Royston
    Thomas aged 11 born Royston
    Emma Bennett aged 12 born Royston

    47 Horseferry Road, Westminster
    Head: John G Littlechild aged 23 born Royston, Cambs - Detective Officer M.P.
    Wife: Susan A Littlechild aged 21 born Little Hempston, Devon
    Annie P aged 6 months born Westminster
    Sister in Law:
    Fanny Brewer aged 12 born Little Hempston, Devon

    6 Winchester Terrace, Westminster
    Head: John G Littlechild aged 33 born Royston, Cambs - Inspector Met Police
    Wife: Susan A Littlechild aged 31 born Hempston, Devon
    Annie P aged 10 born Notting Hill
    Ada E aged 9 born Westminster
    Florence L aged 3 born Westminster

    13 Royal Road, Clapham
    Head: John George Littlechild aged 43 born Royston, Herts - Chief Inspr. Metropolitan Police
    Wife: Susan Ann Littlechild aged 41 born Little Hempston, Devon
    Annie Palmer aged 20 born Kensington - Telegraph Clerk GPO
    Ada Elizabeth aged 19 born Westminster - Dressmaker
    Florence Louise aged 13 born Westminster
    Gertrude Frances aged 6 born Clapham

    8 The Chase, Clapham
    Head: John George Littlechild aged 53 born Royston, Herts - Police confidential inquiry agent
    Wife: Susan Ann Littlechild aged 51 born Little Hempston, Devon
    Ada Elizabeth aged 29 born Westminster - Clerk
    Florence Louise aged 23 born Westminster
    Gertrude Frances aged 16 born Clapham
    Marion Gladys aged 8 born Clapham


    Sam Flynn17th August 2007, 09:37 PM
    Emma aged 16 born Royston
    John G aged 13 born Royston
    Thomas aged 11 born Royston
    Why were they all these "Littlechildren" christened "Royston" before, presumably, later changing their names?


    Graham17th August 2007, 09:52 PM
    Why were they all these "Littlechildren" christened "Royston" before, presumably, later changing their names?

    Better than having a handle like 'Dressmaker' (Jewish, plainly) or 'Clapham'.

    By the way, business took me to Merthyr again yesterday. Brilliant. I watched the shimmer in the air from the heating-duct outlet of the Hoover factory, and caught the mass indifference of the populace to the Valley Burger Bar offering double fries with a Jumbo bacon-buttie. Yes, I'm paid for all this, too.

    And I guess that your translation of 'Tafarnaubach' as 'little inns' must wing its way back to toga-toting times and 'tabernae'.


    Graham, see.


    Sam Flynn17th August 2007, 10:27 PM
    And I guess that your translation of 'Tafarnaubach' as 'little inns' must wing its way back to toga-toting times and 'tabernae'.
    Hiya butt!

    Indeed, you're right about the etymology of "tafarnau", pronounced (I'm sure you know) not as "taff-arn-awe", but "tav-arn-eye" - not a million miles from "tabernae". There's a large Latin legacy still evident in Welsh nouns, such as:

    cadair - cathedra - chair
    ffenestr - fenestra - window
    llyfr - liber - book
    cwrw - cervisia - beer
    eglwys - ecclesia - church
    braich - bracchium - arm
    gwydr - vitrum - glass
    cleddyf - gladius - sword
    preseb - praesepe - manger
    cwer - cera - wax
    carchar - carcer - prison
    cadwyn - catena - chain

    One of my favourites is:

    ysgwydd - scutum - shoulder

    This is an echo of the Dark Ages, and appears at least as far back as poetry dated to the 7th Century. The Old Welsh "ysgwyd" [shield] came from the Latin "scutum" but, by association with the body part over which the shield was slung, became over time simply the word for "shoulder"!

    (Sorry, Chris, for going O/T there!!!)


    pearlyanna18th August 2007, 05:09 PM
    Just to extend a little on an excellent post by Chris

    John George Litlechild married Mary Ann Palmer 5 Oct 1833 Reed Herts

    From the 1841 & 51 census they also had 3 other children

    Elizabeth Palmer Littlechild born 1834 Reed Herts
    Kezia Littlechild born Barkway Herts
    Daniel Littlechild born 1841 Royston Herts

    It seems Daniel travelled around a lot, 1861 hes inn Warwickshire, 1870 he marries Louisa Jane Cooper in Northampton, 1871 hes in Lancashire.
    On the 1881 Census

    Daniel Littlechild ,Head, born 1841 Royston, City Police Constable
    Louisa Littlechild, Wife, bon 1850 London Middx
    Alice Rallings, Lodger, born 1857, london Middz, servant formerly
    John G Rallings, Lodger, born 1861, Edmonton Middx, Coach painter
    Mary A Pritlove, Lodger, born 1845, Bristol, Boot machinist

    Living at 5 Clifton St, Shoreditch

    Also 1881 Census

    Rebekah Rallings, Head, wid, age 38 born Royston, formerly wheelwrights wife
    Clara Rallings, Dau, age 7 born Royston, Scholar
    Alfred Rallings, son, age 6, born Royston, Scholar
    Thomas C Rallings, son, age 1 , born Royston
    John Littlechild, Boarder, age 73, born Duxford, Camb. Formerly Blackmith
    Ernest Baker, Lodger, age 16, born Chishill. Cabinet makers apprentice

    Living London Rd, Royston, Herts.

    John Litttlechild snrs daughter Elizabeth Palmer Littlechild married John Stemmers Rallings in the Jun Q 1859 Islington, while I can find no direct link with the Rallings living with the Littlechilds from Elizabeths and the Royston connection I would think that both families if not related knew each other

    In 1901 Daniel Littlechild , age 60, born Royston, City of london Polica Pensioner, living Wood Green
    I had not previously known that Littlechild had an elder brother in the police force and I would think it was Daniel who followed John into the force and not the other way round.
    I would very much like to know what Daniel status was in 1891 ,I dont have access to the details,was he promoted, retired or just still a constable living in the shadow of his youger brother, if someone could take a look it would be much appreciated.

    Hope this is of interest to someone



    robert18th August 2007, 08:27 PM
    Hi Anna

    He was transcribed by Ancestry as Daniel Little Child.

    87 Finsbury Pavement, City of London

    Daniel Littlechild, 50, Police Constable, City of London, night duty, b. Royston Cambs
    Wife, Pauline, 56, b. Staffs Wolverhampton



    pearlyanna18th August 2007, 10:08 PM
    Thank you Robert, much appreciated



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